Universal ‘swing’ with Belgian roots…

Yannick Bovy has already been one of our most in-demand musical export products for five years. His numbers can be heard on the radio from San Paolo to Jakarta. But for his new and 3rd studio album with the fitting title ‘Love Swings’, Yannick started his musical quest closer to home. It was the Belgian music legend Wil Tura, who out of his great love for jazz and swing, presented Yannick with a number of songs with an international character that would form the main thread for ‘Love Swings’.

Yannick Bovy’s music can be heard in all corners of the world. Songs from his first two albums ‘Better Man’ and ‘All The Way’, just like ‘Theoretical Love’, ‘She’s Even More Beautiful’ and ‘Six’ soon found success in the German, Polish, Greek, and also Brazilian, Indonesian and Thai charts. He has been a supporting act for Lionel Richie, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, and has taken to the stage with Lisa stansfield and Amy MacDonald among other greats.

But Yannick sought inspiration for his 3rd album closer to home. “In 2015 Universal asked me if I wanted to sing a number in Dutch for once, this for a tribute album for Belgium’s most influential singer and composer of all time, Wil Tura. That was the beautiful number ‘Toen Nat King Cole van liefde zong’ (When Nat King Cole sang about love). Will phoned to congratulate me on the result and we then got talking about his great love of music and particularly of jazz and swing”, says Yannick.Paragraph

The search for the right repertoire took almost a year and a half. It was to be an attractive mix of new numbers with a high ‘Yannick’ level and American Standards that could be given a new and fresh sound. ‘The American Standards repertoire is extensive, but very many of the songs have already been rendered beautifully countless times, so there was a lot of deliberation and very many play lists fell by the wayside.” Unforgettable songs that did make the final cut include: ‘Let There Be Love’, ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’ and ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’.

In the meantime enthusiasm about Yannick’s new album is also great abroad. Germany,
Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.
have already promised to eagerly join our Belgian crooner on his new musical journey.